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5909-636151574256437500_cm-scaleaddwhite_w-200_h-175_q-80_wm-true.jpg (200×175)Adam Lambert has been a regular fixture in the campus activities community for over 20 years now and he is regularly engaged to speak on issues affecting colleges across the nation. 

For the past several years, Mr. Lambert has remained on retainer by The Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities (“APCA”) to speak on various issues affecting the campus activities community.  He is also the author of the popular magazine column
Campus Law.  Archived copies of Campus Law are available online to APCA members on the APCA website (

Mr. Lambert lectures at colleges and businesses on various legal issues.  Lectures can be tailored to suit any client’s needs.

Lecture Topics Include:

· Title IX and Sexual Harassment in the school and workforce

· The Clery Act

· Alcohol and drug use issues

· Civility on campus

· Plagiarism

· Southworth & Roseberger and the Supreme Court mandates on the uses of Student Activities Fees

· Shin v. MIT and Ferrum College: Student Counseling and dealing with troubled students in the wake of the University of Virginia tragedy

· FERPA issues in the world of the Patriot Act,  “Helicopter Parents”, and non-traditional  students

· Facebook and social media issues (for schools and employers)

· Pier-to-Pier file sharing programs and their use on campus networking systems

· Copyright and the law of public domain

· Free speech on campus

· Student speech and conduct codes, as well as computer usage rules and regulations

· Contracts and Riders in campus programming

· Risk Management

· Contract and Negligence issues specific to Campus Activities Boards and programming departments

· Fraternities and student groups

· FAIR v. Rumsfeld: The Solomon Amendments and military recruitment on campus

If you do not see the lecture you would like to have, contact Mr. Lambert to discuss your needs and a lecture can be tailored to your specific needs.